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In addition to our litigation efficiency advisor (LEA) consulting program for European companies, MCG's founder, Ken Moscaret, Esq., is well-known for providing expert advice and courtroom testimony on behalf of major U.S. corporations and top U.S. law firms in legal fee disputes arising from large, complex lawsuits in U.S. courts. These include the Enron securities class action litigation, environmental and toxic tort litigation, securities fraud and many others.

As U.S.-based legal departments are becoming more aggressive about litigation management efficiency and more predictable budgeting, our firm believes that European companies engaging major U.S. law firms should enjoy the same favourable treatment as U.S.-based corporations.

"U.S. legal departments are becoming more aggressive about achieving higher efficiency levels, which not only help better control outside law firm costs, but are also a better way of doing business."

Los Angeles/San Francisco
Daily Journal, Nov 3, 2010
U.S.-based legal departments frequently utilise their local experience and knowledge of the U.S. legal marketplace and litigation process to help ensure that litigation management efficiency is maximised and legal fees are kept to more reasonable and predictable levels throughout the litigation.

Our firm's unique program offers European companies the opportunity to benefit from our founder's long-standing expertise and experience working with major U.S. law firms.

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