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"I found this service to be extremely valuable in helping manage my outside counsel relationships and litigation budget, and in gaining a better understanding of how legal fees were being incurred by my outside counsel in complex litigation. Moscaret Consulting acted as a trusted go-between for me and my outside law firms."

Richard K. Mason, Esq.
Former General Counsel
Los Angeles, California
Our firm has developed a series of proven techniques, protocols and working practices which are applicable at every stage of an expensive litigated matter in U.S. courts. When implemented, our firm's program is designed to increase litigation management efficiency, improve legal budgeting predictability and strengthen the attorney-client relationship.

Traditional legal fee auditing companies do not manage litigation. Instead they only offer an 'after-the-event' or 'reactive' approach to legal fees which have already been incurred. In contrast, our firm's program offers an up-front, proactive and preventive means to ensure legal fees are maintained at more reasonable and predictable levels and are incurred with the full understanding of European company management.

Our focus is on helping both European company management and its U.S. law firm work together toward a common litigation objective. To accomplish that, our firm invests time in educating company management about the various phases and cost components of expensive U.S. litigation before legal fees are expended. Our goal is to produce smarter, more knowledgeable, more informed European clients about the legal fees they incur in U.S. courts.

Our firm also offers a similar litigation efficiency advisor (LEA) consulting program to U.S. and Canadian companies that do not have their own 'in-house' legal departments or 'in-house' capability to manage expensive litigation themselves. Visit our North America site for more information.

Finally, because we understand the need for budgeting predictability, our firm charges an affordable, fixed monthly fee. Our firm's services are available on a month-to-month rolling basis with no long-term commitment.

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