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In addition to our litigation efficiency advisor (LEA) consulting program for midsize U.S. and Canadian companies litigating expensive lawsuits in the U.S., MCG's founder, Ken Moscaret, Esq., is well-known for providing expert advice and courtroom testimony on behalf of major U.S. corporations and top U.S. law firms in legal fee disputes arising from large, complex lawsuits in U.S. courts. These include the Enron securities class action litigation, environmental and toxic tort litigation, and securities fraud litigation, among others. Mr Moscaret's full expert credentials in the legal fee and litigation management field can be found at

U.S.-based in-house legal departments of Fortune 1000 corporations are becoming more aggressive with their outside law firms today about greater litigation management efficiency and more predictable case budgeting. We believe that midsize U.S. and Canadian companies should receive the same favorable treatment from their outside litigation counsel as Fortune 1000 corporations are getting.

"U.S. legal departments are becoming more aggressive about achieving higher efficiency levels, which not only help better control outside law firm costs, but are also a better way of doing business."

Los Angeles/San Francisco Daily Journal, Nov 3, 2010
However, in a typical midsize U.S. or Canadian company, is there anyone in management who is knowledgeable, experienced, and qualified enough to know how to accomplish that where expensive U.S. litigation is concerned, and who has the necessary time to do it? Generally not.

Our firm understands current customs and practices for expensive litigation in the U.S. legal marketplace, including how Fortune 1000 legal departments are maximizing litigation management efficiency and keeping legal fees more reasonable and predictable throughout the duration of an expensive lawsuit.

Mr Moscaret has worked closely and collegially over the years with many of the largest, most prestigious law firms in the U.S. on legal fee and litigation management issues. Our firm knows how to communicate constructively with law firms on behalf of midsize U.S. and Canadian companies which do not have their own in-house legal departments or other in-house capability to manage expensive litigation by themselves.

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