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We introduce our European affiliate in London, Masters Legal Costs Services LLP (

Masters is a potentially valuable resource for any U.S. law firm with clients anywhere in the world that have to litigate in U.K. courts.

In the U.K. legal system, unlike in the U.S., a routine outcome of a contested civil lawsuit is a "loser-pays" attorney fee award. Masters is at the top of the highly-specialized field of attorney fee recovery in the U.K.

How can Masters be of value to a U.S. law firm's clients that may be litigating in the U.K.?

In the following two ways:
  • Petitioning U.K. Courts for an Award of Attorney's Fees
  • Prevailing parties in U.K. lawsuits routinely petition U.K. courts for an award of their attorney's fees, and Masters is considered the premier consultancy firm in the U.K. for such assignments. Masters is regularly retained as an outside "specialist" firm for that purpose by some of the world's largest law firms on behalf of U.S., U.K., EU, and other worldwide corporations to handle attorney fee recovery litigation for them in U.K. courts. References are available from Masters upon request.
  • Litigation Management Consulting Program for U.K. Litigation
  • In addition to providing legal advice and actively representing clients on attorney fee recovery proceedings in U.K. courts, Masters is also available to provide litigation management consulting services to companies that retain U.K. counsel to litigate in the U.K., similar to the consulting services our firm provides to companies litigating in the U.S.
For more information, please contact Managing Partner Philip Bowden, whose contact info appears on Masters' website (
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